Jumat, 22 April 2016

Short Story

My apple comes back

I’m sure you’ve seen the You are The Apple of My Eye movie. Movie that has romance genre which is adaptation from semi-autobiographical novel by Giddens in 2011, touched the hearts of the audience. He made the movie end really can slicing heart, how can it happen, Chin Teng who loved Chia Yi for long time but he did not dare to revealed his feeling. Unfortunately, Chia Yi should be married with another man. With a sincere heart, Chin Teng came to congratulate Chia Yi. Seriously Giddens should make them separate?
This is my favorite movie. With my imagination, I will make them back together.
Shen Chia Yi’s marriage is the happiest marriage because of Ko Chin Teng’s attendance. Chin Teng was so happy because he could congratulate Chia Yi. Chin Teng also is the most fortunate man, because at that time he could kissed Chia Yi which is she was him.
Chin Teng said, "Perhaps, I will still childish."
"Yes, it must be" replied Chia Yi blushing.
Childishness of Chin Teng makes the two of them always fight but also always make Chia Yi laugh.
Ko Chin Teng is a novelist, childish, but he is romantic. Until now, he still loved Chia Yi, the love in his youth. He has published many novels, and novels are still highly in demand is You Are The Apple of My Eye. The novel told the story of his personal life with his friends and also Chia Yi, the woman he loved.
Chia Yi tell Chin Teng that she will moving with her husband to Taipei and Chi Yi said don’t worry about her because now her husband will be protect. “Well, I hope he will protect you and don’t let him make me disappointed. Blessed you are my adolescence.”
The days of Chin Teng is full writing stories and upload them to the internet. Chin Teng also held a press conference with his fans. He successfully becomes a famous writer, but his life of love is not as successful as his career. Until now he still though about Chia Yi. Then, for a several times Chin Teng got a blind date, but all in vain. A lot of women chase him but he is always thinking of Chia Yi.  Meanwhile, the days of Chia Yi same when she was in school, just learn, learn and learn. This time she is already a teacher, and she is a favourite teacher in her school.
The day, Chin Teng go to the café where he used to write stories. He is always able get ideas there. Café in the city with a quiet and romantic atmosphere, street view with busy people, many vehicles, the park which crowded by young people, and many sights can produce inspirations. Chin Teng is writing the story, suddenly his coffee, the table and the whole thing at the café shaking. People getting panic and running out, he can see the mess in the city. The earthquake occurred in South Taiwan, precisely where he resides now. Chin Teng remembered while he was at university and Chia Yi. Chin Teng called Chia Yi immediately for several times but no answer. Chin Teng very worried about her and hope she is will be fine. 
The earthquake in south Taiwan resulted in many victims, houses collapsed and fallen trees in the street. South Taiwan was extremely mess due to the disaster. Soldiers, police, teachers and volunteers cooperate to help the victims. Chia Yi watching television and saw the incident, discuss with the teacher immediately. Chia Yi wanted to help the victims, she and some of teachers go to the location and become a volunteer. At that time, Chin Teng is writing the news about the disaster that occurring in south Taiwan then he uploading in his web. Many positive comments to him and many contribute comes.
Chia Yi come to help children traumatized by the earthquake. Together with other teacher, Chia Yi provides free schooling for children whose schools were damaged. Chin Teng come to see the situation of victims, writing the story about the situation in location, give the story book and read a story to children. His action helps to reduce children’s trauma and he increasingly become favoured children.
When he is having lunch with the children, he saw a woman like Chia Yi. Her eyes, her smile and the laugh are similar. It is impossible that is Chia Yi, I’m just dreaming, he thought. Yet, Chin Teng didn’t take his eyes off the woman. She makes him curious and he trying approached her.
“Chia yi?” asked Chin Teng curious.
When she turned around, her hair is on Chin Teng’s face. Chia Yi is shock to see Chin Teng, they are very close and long-sighted. How glad Chin Teng that his prediction isn’t wrong, and he just saw her and couldn’t speak. Instinctively she immediately turned her face and left.
Like a small boat on the ocean and crashing by waves, that is Chin Teng’s felt. He is very pleased meet Chia Yi, but not with her. Chin Teng just want hear Chia Yi, but she always dodge. Whether she was busy or just consciously avoid. Chin Teng didn’t give up get information about her. Chin Teng saw Chia Yi when she is sitting alone then he approached. Without saying a word, they just make eye contact like those eyes spoken. Suddenly, Chia Yi hugging Chin Teng tightly. Chin Teng very pleased and become confused, he think something wrong happened.
They are talking while eating their lunch. It’s so difficult telling the condition of each. Almost 2 years they hadn’t communicate, it was made them awkward. Named is Chen Teng, it is not him if he can’t break the ice. His childish behaviour was entertained Chia Yi then she can laugh. But, suddenly she crying and said “sorry, Chin Teng”.
Chin Teng just saw and wiping her eyes and said, “Never mind, I understand.” “Weep, if it relieved, tell me what actually happened.”
After finished crying, Chia Yi telling what actually happened to him. Chia Yi’s husband has been betraying, he had an affair while on duty outside. Listens her story, Chin Teng get temper directly and wants to hit him.
Chin Teng felling useless, because he had wasted Chia Yi. He is very regret about last time, why he didn’t revealed his feeling. Chin Teng is very upset and left Chia Yi immediately. Chin Teng leaving to behind the destroyed building. He pounded the walls until his hands bleed. Do that makes him relieved, so he will not to hit Chia Yi’s ex-husband, but even if they can meet, Chin Teng do not hesitate to hit him directly.
Chin Teng back with a bleeding hand. Chia Yi very worried and she treated Chin Teng’s hand.
“Why you get bloody hands?” asked Chia Yi.
“Just play with the kids.”
“You are so childish!” replied Chia Yi while look Chin Teng’s face.
Chia Yi looks more cheerful after meet with Chin Teng. Chin Teng’s life more meaning after he meet Chia Yi, because just she can make meaningful.
“Can I still have a chance to chase you?” asked Chin Teng.
“Whenever, I will always let you to chase me” replied Chia Yi with smile.  
If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. Unexpected gathering, they can meet and be reunited. When two people really care about each other, they always find a way to make it work. No matter how hard it is. No matter how impossible, unattainable, or unimaginable something may seem. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

Sabtu, 09 April 2016

Unexpected Umbul Ponggok

Jogja? Yap, jogja is the special city in Central Java. Believe it or not there are a lot of stranger came to holiday here because Jogja have many destinations that you should visit. For shopping? Yap.. you can get it almost at every street,  malioboro? Yaa.. you know about it, but how about traveling ? Don’t worry, Jogja also serve amazing place for traveling and the place that was famous among a teenagers now is Umbul Ponggok, Klaten. Do you ever hear that?  Have instagram? You will see picture of Umbul Ponggok there.

It was not my first trip to Jogja, but I thought it can call the exhausting experience. I went to Jogja with my freak-partner by motorcycle from Purwokerto. At that time raining season was on Purwokerto and we were set off in the evening. As you know, along the way we got wetness and awkk! It was so disgusting. Rain and cold wind struck us, it felt like needle stabbing. Just jacket and raincoats that we had, but with him it was like Bollywood movie. Two people who was sing and dancing under the rain. So romantic <3

Next day, we had a plan to visit the place that was famous on Instagram. At 10 pm we were set off and it took almost 30 minutes. In the middle of the journey we got incident, our motorcycle ran over something like nail and the tire leaked. Huft.. Fortunately, the workshop not far from where we were got the incident. Okay, we waited almost 30 minutes and our enthusiastic about that place was shrinking. And added between us never went there before and we were just used Google maps. Continuing the journey and you know? We were lost. Google map was wrong or just I cannot read the map? Hahaha…. We were enjoyed the view, as you know Google still let us got lost in the beautiful view where we cannot saw in the city. 

Nearly two-hour our journey, finally we arrived at Umbul Ponggok. Umbul Ponggok is artificial pool that had a real tear from the mountain. It made like in the sea, there was freshwater fish, stone, freshwater plant, and etc. I’m so excited and cannot wait to swim with freshwater fish. Umbul Ponggok also provides tools such as swimming goggles, buoys, fins and etc. they rent this tools with a cheap price. Swimming with freshwater fish very enjoyable, that was my first experience. Hmm.. I think, I ever swimming in the small waterfall with fish but I cannot interact directly like in Ponggok.

Umbul Ponggok, Klaten

The sun had not as warm as before, time to get out from the pool and took a shower. After that, we were eating in the stall at the edge. Can you guess what I see? I’m so shocked about what happened. Many woman washed clothes alongside the pool. You know what I thought at that time? Hope all fish will be alright, because it was doesn’t make sense. Why they doing that? That I know it was a tourist location, so the local people should keep that place better, right? Okay! No prob. I got out from the pool and I was not there when the woman washed.  

Time showed at 6 am, we prepared to back and used Google Map again. Hope, the current events did not reoccur. Guess what? Oh My God, our lamp motorcycle off. It so poor, we got trouble when we set off until we were back. Drive slowly as long as it can be safely. We were through Klaten city and we decided to take a rest and eat something. After that we back about at 9 am.

That was the day that I can unexpected. How much the incident that I got but it was fun and nice the experience. As you know, with the experience we can learn about who you are and how we get through it. Learn not only with teacher in a school, but experience is the teacher of all things. Get your experience more and enjoy it !